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B153 is a marketplace ministry and our vision is to empower people in the workplace and business community. We believe you will receive fresh revelation and insight from God to increase and prosper you in your current position of employment or business acumen. This will be a time of exceleration for your God designed future. “Connecting Your Career with Your Calling”

B153 Connect Group

Join our B153 Marketplace Group. This will be a great time of mentoring and relationship building for the workplace. Sign Up Here


Sign up here for a prophetic prayer visit. You will receive breakthrough, blessing and a special touch of heaven for your business or workplace. 

B153 Business Coaching

Is your business, or job in need of new direction? Are you feeling trapped, hitting a ceiling or not sensing any real purpose or destiny? B143 Coaches and counselors are here to help. Send us a message here or fill out the form below to get started.

Application Form For B153 Business Coaching & Counseling

Before we meet we would like to find out a little information about who you are, and how we
can help you. Please answer as appropriate. All information given will be kept in confidence.

Thank you for enquiring.

We look forward to connecting with you shortly!

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