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Coaching and Counseling Services

At Jake's House, we believe in healthy marriage and family relationships, as well as managing our finances and businesses well. We offer a number of coaching services, as well as partner with New Ground Counseling to offer professional counseling. 

Business & Career Coaching

If you need help in the business world as a business owner or need assistance in establishing a business. 

• James Standley - 206-300-3985

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Finance & Budget


If you need help in creating a budget or managing your finances.

Pattie Eterovic

Marriage Coaching

For Men

If you need help being a better Father or Husband and in building a better relationship in the home.

Pastor Keith Kippen

Destiny Coaching

If you need help in finding and fulfilling your purpose and destiny.

Pastor Charles Denton

Grief, Family Relationship Coaching

Grief Coaching: If you need some help overcoming grief over losing someone or something.

Family Relationship Coaching: If you need some help in working on family relationships as a parent or a spouse. 

Pam de Sautelle

Crisis Counseling

(New Ground Counseling)

If you require counseling with a professionally trained counselor in marriage, addiction, or any other crisis in your life.

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