Who We Are


Encounter Jesus,

Awaken Destiny

Jake’s House is a community of believers that desire to love God and people in such a way that we come fully alive and in turn lead a region into revival. We are creating a place where we engage Heaven and transform earth. Jake’s House is a church marked by worship, family and the presence of God.

Our name simply put, is a contemporary way of saying "House of Jacob".

We chose this name because of a dream I had from God prior to launching the church. I had been asking the Lord for the name he wanted for us, and I knew it was related to us ENGAGING Heaven. Shortly after some weeks in prayer, I had a profound dream of many people throughout our Community hearing of a radical party that was happening at someone's house, and they kept calling the house, "Jake's Place"! People of all types were coming, young and old, hurting and broken, many different ethnicities, but all of these had this one thing in common. They were all curious and hungry concerning all of the stirring rumors in our community about this house party! When I woke up from this dream, I knew the Lord was speaking to me about the life of Jacob, and what he had discovered. In Genesis 28:17 we find Jacob also having a dream and an encounter with the Lord unlike any man to this point. Jacob stated, that where he awoke was an "Awesome Place", and it would be called "Bethel", which means, "The House of God". Jacob discovered that God was desiring to connect heaven and earth, as he witnessed in his dream, angels ascending and descending from heaven to earth, and then from earth to heaven. This is when I knew God was calling us to fulfill The Lord's prayer in Matthew chapter 6, of bringing HEAVEN to EARTH! So our mandate for Jake's House Church's is to have heaven come. When this happens, many will pour in, wanting to see what is happening in this place!

Pastor Keith Kippen

Why the Name Jake's House?