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B153 Event - May 17th & 18th with Dave Charlson


B153 is RELAUNCHING and would like to invite you to join us May 17th and 18th, for our free Workplace and Emergency Preparedness event! 


B153 is a marketplace ministry and our vision is to empower people in the workplace and business community. At this ground breaking event, you will receive fresh revelation and insight from God to increase and prosper you, in your current position of employment or business acumen. This will be a time of excelleration for your God designed future. 


“Connecting Your Career with Your Calling” 


Friday Night 7pm: Worship | Dave Charlson - Session 1

Saturday Morning 9:30am: Worship | Pastor Keith Kippen - Session 2  | Dave Charlson -  Session 3 | Emergency Preparedness - Lunch Workshop

Register Here

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