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Kidz Are Important to Us

W h e r e  K i d z  M a t t e r
Jake’s Kidz is the Children's Ministry
at Jake’s House Church, serving kids from birth to fifth grade

Being a disciple who lives and loves like Jesus is an exciting adventure that lasts a lifetime! Our desire is for kids to experience their initial steps in this journey in a safe and loving, faith community that continually draws them into a closer relationship with Jesus.


The Jake’s Kidz staff, along with our well trained and screened volunteer ministry teams, feel blessed to join parents in this eternally impacting journey, viewing our role as partners who support you-your child’s primary faith trainer.

Nursery birth – Walker's (about 18 months)

The Nursery staff is committed to love babies and affirm parents on Jesus' behalf. Each week we integrate music, play, tell Bible stories, and reinforce three basic truths: God 


Playhouse Walkers (18 months or stable on feet to 3 years of age)

Dedicated teams of volunteers, who love being with the children, create a friendly atmosphere that makes coming to church a 'happy time.' In the two-year-old classrooms, the toddlers learn to better understand God and His love for them with a curriculum


Greenhouse 3 and 4 years before August 31, and Pre-k (those who turn 5 after September 1 and NOT attending Kindergarten)

Each child is welcomed into the classroom and then invited to participate in Learning Centers that include a variety of games, books, puppets, arts and crafts, sensory play and toys. Children are brought together for a Bible story, age-appropriate interactive worship, and an opportunity in the comfortable setting to 'talk to Jesus' in prayer. There is always 


Kidz Church Kindergarten - 5 grade

These services take place during regular church service times and utilize creative teaching methods centered on the Word of God, with a strong emphasis on personal application. Each activity is designed with the intent to train children to become strong in their faith and able to live out that faith in their everyday lives. The kids are encouraged toward leadership, preparing them to influence their generation for Christ. Worship is not a 'sit down and be quiet' experience, but a meaningful, joyful time with music that relates lyrically and stylistically to their age group.


11am service - Kids breakout into the following groups after worship:

K2 - Kindergarten thru 2nd grade stay in the gym for age appropriate activities and reinforcement of lesson
Club 345 - 3rd thru 5th grade move to room 104 for Small Group and more indepth application.

Kidz Vidz

Kidz Vidz

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