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Pattie Eterovic | Church & Financial Administrator

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As the Church & Financial Administrator, Pattie ensures the smooth and efficient operation of a church through overseeing the daily activities and operations, and managing the business side of the church. She is an active member of the church and sets an example for the congregation through her life and work. She is also responsible for managing finances, paying bills, overseeing payroll, and tracks and records church income from generous givers. 


Pattie came to Jake's House Church in February 2013 as a congregant, later attending Destiny International School of Ministry in 2014, later becoming employed in December of 2018. Prior to coming to Jake's House she worked seven years for Washington State DSHS as a Financial Services Supervisor, and has an additional 25 years of executive leadership experience in the private sector. Her passion to serve people is a demonstration of her love for Jesus. 


Pattie was born in Santa Rosa, CA., grew up in Southern Oregon and later moved to Washington state in 2002. She now resides in Stanwood, WA . She is a mother of two adult sons, a grandmother of five, and a sister to seven (sister) siblings. She enjoys experiencing diverse cultures while traveling, enjoys gardening, hiking, spending time with family and friends, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to those she meets. 

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